How to have productivity and efficiency at the same time? It’s a question that many have tried to tackle, and yet it doesn’t have a set formula to ensure consistent outcomes. The best way to approach productivity and efficiency involves focus, accountability, and balance. In order to achieve success in these areas, we can’t be led by our fear. In saying so, it’s important to remember that fear is fueled by what we feed it. If our first instinct is to become overwhelmed and second guess ourselves, our thoughts will act on a rotation. Our fears will respond to stressors based on how we’ve trained our mindset. Positive thinking attracts peace and clarity, and it also pushes us towards the path of achievements and success.  One way to focus on productivity is to delegate…don’t multitask. Without delegation, you can easily get distracted and tend to fit tasks into your schedule that are not in your expertise. Another way to be efficient is to work when you are the most motivated to. It may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised to know how many people lose out on productivity by not being efficient with their time. Think back on your day. When do you feel the most drive or the highest motivation levels? What is the environment that you are in when you get the most amount of work done? When do you have the most motivation? These are going to be your guidelines for how you structure  the rest of your schedule.  Make sure you are laying out  your time in a way that reflects your goals. Fear will knock you off course when you lack accountability. As a business coach, my job is to track your progress in accordance with your goals. We can assess your motivation levels, and come to a conclusion about your productivity and efficiency based off of this evaluation. Some of you may need to start to block schedule your days in order to stay focused. Once you are sure of the time that you want to set aside for work, then you can block it off on your calendar and keep it consistent with the rest of your week. Like I said above, your fear can alter your mindset right when you are on the cusp of a breakthrough. This is where accountability can also challenge your fear and keep your mindset clear of negative reinforcements.  Productivity and efficiency takes balance. It’s a balance that, once it is found, can usher in major change. Change itself can be scary for many of us…it’s the fear of the unknown. But can I tell you something? Many times this is where we grow the most. Take that leap into the unknown, you may surprise yourself with what you’re capable of handling.