What is unproductive behavior? These behaviors involve habits or seemingly harmless tasks that, in reality, are hindering your business growth. If our focus is on efficiency, then we have to understand what makes us efficient in the first place. Looking at the direct definition of efficiency, it tells us that there is a correlation between the energy or resources we put into our work, and the possible outcomes from that work. There should be a balance between these elements in order to maintain efficiency. If there is a lack of balance, then I often see burnout or low motivation levels as a result. If you are tirelessly clocking in hours upon hours of work towards your goals, but are seeing no results from your effort, then there is an imbalance present. However, there is an upside, and it’s one that involves a solution. You see, even some of the smallest behaviors and habits that we do everyday can actually become unproductive: checking your phone, focusing on perfection over completion, delaying or procrastinating decisions, comparing yourself to others, and trying to reinvent the wheel. These may seem more nuanced or like they don’t directly relate to your own personality, but they are a reality for many of us.  Checking your phone. Only you will know how much of a distraction it is for you personally. Engagement on social media is important for your business growth, but it can easily get out of hand when we scroll endlessly and end up wasting time on our devices.  Focusing on perfection over completion. Perfection is not our goal. Instead, we want to complete our goals in a way that we are proud of. When we are proud of our accomplishments, then perfection remains an invalid expectation.  Delaying and procrastinating. The nature of procrastination means that we are putting off tasks or decisions that are actually going to help us grow. We will only hinder our own growth by delaying the most important aspects of our goals.  Comparison. Comparison is the thief of joy because it robs you of confidence and appreciation for your own path in life. When you compare your goals, yourself, or your lifestyle with someone else’s, you create unrealistic expectations that add unhealthy pressure to your life. It’s crucial to acknowledge that we all do it…you’re not alone in it.  Reinventing the wheel. There are times when creativity and ingenuity are needed in your business. However, there will be other moments where someone else has already proven an approach to be the best one. This is where collaboration is exciting! You can bounce ideas off a close friend or colleague and see what they’ve tried and succeeded at.  Your goals are ultimately the desired outcome of your effort. Yet, the system by which you approach your goals is your collection of habits and steps you’ve put in place that will get you there. We should all be conscious of what systems we have set in place, and be sure that they support healthy habits and mindsets